Success Stories

Success Stories.

Valparaiso has experienced many economic successes over the last few years.  Much of the success can be attributed to an engaged Mayor and City Council that help foster a positive business environment as well as a strong partnership between the City and the Valparaiso business community.   

Valparaiso For All Generations: The City of Valparaiso announced a new parks department project on the City's east side. This project will turn 248 acres into Valparaiso's largest park that will feature a Community Sports and Recreation Complex. In addition to the creation of the new sports complex, the city's "Legacy Parks" will be upgraded and maintained, the completion of the new skate park will be finalized, and an Adult Center for Enrichment, or ACE, will be added at the southwest corner of Calumet Ave. and Bullseye Lake Rd. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Valparaiso For All Generations projects.

Linc Apartment Complex and New Multi-Level Parking Garage: The City of Valparaiso announced the development of The Linc, a 121-unit apartment complex will be located in the heart of downtown Valparaiso. The Linc will also support construction and maintenance of the Lincoln Highway Garage, a new-multi-level parking garage located at 301-309 Lincolnway. CLICK HERE to learn more about The Linc Apartment Complex and the Lincoln Highway Garage.

Journeyman Distillery: A groundbreaking event on the 140,000 sq. ft. Journeyman Distillery facility was held in December of 2021. The former ANCO windshield factory, vacant for decades, will house a distillery, brewery, restaurants, and entertainment when construction is completed. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Journeyman Distillery project.

Sale of Garmong Shell Building to Amazon: Amazon announced their purchase of the Garmong shell building as a site for a new delivery station. The 80,000 sq. ft. industrial shell building, located in the Lakes of Valparaiso Business Park, was built in 2016 to assist the city in marketing the final product to prospective companies. CLICK HERE to learn more about Amazon's commitment to Valparaiso.

Pratt Industries:  Pratt Industries is the 5th Largest Corrugated Packaging Company in the world.  In March of 2014, Pratt Industries ("Pratt") broke ground on its $260 million paper mill.  This 550,000 sq. ft. facility  compliments its Corrugating Plant, which was built in Valparaiso in 2001.  Pratt initially considered over 100 possible locations for its new paper mill, but ultimately selected Valparaiso.  The decision was driven, in larger part, because of: i) the ability of Valparaiso Utilities to address Pratt's substantial sewage and water needs in both a comprehensive and economic manner; ii) the coordination of state, regional and local incentives; and, iii) the ability to attract and retain a productive workforce.  Completed in the fall of 2015, Pratt Industries employs nearly 400 employees, making it the largest private employer in Valparaiso.

Lakes of Valparaiso: On August 5, 2014, Lakes of Valparaiso broke ground on a 236+ acre residential/business park project. In addition to 408 luxury apartments, a 90-acre business park was included. In partnership with the City of Valparaiso and Redevelopment Commission, Memorial Drive was extended through the entire development. 

Downtown Residential:  In the early morning of March 4, 2013 fire struck a commercial building in the Valparaiso downtown.  The location sat dormant and fenced off until plans were developed in the spring of 2014 by private investors to rebuild the building into a commercial/residential building with underground parking available to the tenants.  Working with the City and the Redevelopment Commission, incentives were structured to secure $2.4 million in private investment.  The project was completed in the fall of 2015.     

Elite-Crete:  A true local success story, owner Ken Freestone started his business on the idea of making interior and exterior concrete flooring both more durable and appealing.  In 2007, Elite-Crete opened its 14,800 sq. ft. building in Valparaiso.  Demand for Elite-Crete products has been so overwhelming to the point that Elite-Crete needed to expand.  Although Ken had choices, his decision was to remain in Valparaiso. The City of Valparaiso, working with Ken, approved a 7-year scaled tax abatement to help Elite-Crete in its decision to stay and grow in Valparaiso.   

Northwest Health (formerly Porter Hospital):  Valparaiso continues to be a preferred location for medical facilities.  On November 5, 2014, Porter Health Care Systems broke ground on a 10,740 sq. ft. 24-7 Emergency Room facility.  When finished in the Fall of 2015, the ER brought 50 new healthcare jobs to Valparaiso.

UGN: Founded in 1986 as a partnership between Nihon Tokushu Toryo Co., Ltd. (Nittoku) and Autoneum, UGN, Inc. is the preferred producer of high quality acoustic, interior trim and thermal management products and is a recognized leader in customer satisfaction for the Japanese transplant automotive industry in North America.  UGN has expanded previously in Valparaiso.  In early 2014, UGN approached the City about a new expansion project; however, other locations were being considered.  Working with the IEDC, Valparaiso was able to secure an over $4 million investment with 14 new employees to add the 284 current UGN employee base. 

Cim-Tech:  The Company was founded in May of 2006 by owners Rudy Tolkamp and Brian Grebel.  Cim-Tech began as an industrial engineering firm focused primarily on assisting regional steel mills.  Today, its customers include several Integrated Steel Mills in North America and throughout the world. The company moved to Valparaiso in 2011 and by early 2015, was ready to expand their current location and workforce from 22 employees to 37.  With help from the City and IEDC, Cim-Tech was offered a 5 year tax abatement for its expansion project plus State incentives to assist with new employees. 


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