History of the Valparaiso Economic Development Corporation (VEDC)

The Valparaiso Economic Development Corporation (VEDC) was formed in 1984 as a partnership between the local business community and City government.  Since its inception, the VEDC has been a catalyst and facilitator for economic planning and growth and has played a significant role in structuring and enhancing Valparaiso's quality of life.

The active partnership between the public and private sector has facilitated the communication and common strategic directions necessary for the successful implementation of the economic development program, which includes the following:

  • Advocating business infrastructure such as sewers, fiber optics, water lines, sufficient zoning and land availability for business development.
  • Encouraging entrepreneurs and innovators by offering them assistance in finding necessary capital and fostering their growth.
  • Championing many tax abatement applications, identifying training assistance grant programs, and partnering with education and training organizations to retain, create and attract quality jobs.
  • Building local, regional and state partnerships to support the needs of existing businesses and industries and help them prosper.
  • Organizing the Porter County Economic Development Alliance to enhance economic development, job retention and creation throughout Porter County. The Porter County Commissioners support the Alliance and have agreed to allocate a portion of the County's EDIT monies to the Alliance to be used on specific county-wide economic development initiatives.



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