Our Mayor, Jon Costas, has often said that "a good process leads to a good result."  The City of Valparaiso has a long legacy of thoughtful planning and commitment to following through on those plans.  The City has engaged in several planning processes to better identify community  needs and solutions.  

In Plane View:  In 2011, the VEDC, in conjunction with representatives of both the City and Porter County engaged in a comprehensive review of the Porter County Airport and how both the City and County could better leverage the Airport for economic development.  Both the City and Porter County have adopted the Report.  Currently, the City and County are working towards unifying zoning standards.  The In Plane View Report can be found here.

Route 49 Corridor Study: As part of the City's push to spur economic growth, the City has identified its Rt. 49 corridor as a key focus area.  Already home to St. Mary' Medical Center, Lakes of Valparaiso Business Park, and East Port Business Park, the area has seen growth, but holds much potential. In 20__, the City engaged __________________ to prepare a comprehensive plan of the corridor.  The Route 49 Corridor Study can be found here.

Route 30 Plan: As a major commercial corridor and gateway into Valparaiso, the City has looked to both better engineer and beautify the entire stretch of Rt. 30 within the City.  In conjunction with the Indiana Department of Transportation, the City was awarded $__ million.  Work will begin in the Fall of 2015 and continue through 2016.  The Rt. 30 Plan can be found here.  

ValpoNext:  In 2014, the City commenced a comprehensive engagement with its citizens to better understand and identify our community's short and long-term goals.  The comprehensive report and findings were completed in ______________.  The City, in cooperation with the ValpoNext Implementation Team, the Chamber of Commerce, VEDC and other civic entities has begun the process to implement the findings.  The ValpoNext Report can be found here.  


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